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The 12 “Most Convincing Words” – That Probably Aren’t

August 21, 2012 Comments off
English: The logo is from the http://www.yale....

English: The logo is from the website.Yale University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was ready to publish my blog yesterday when I decided to find the actual source quoted by a writer who stated a Yale University study compiled the 12 most convincing words in the English language – and suggested they become a priority in my presentation vocabulary.  What I discovered was an oft quoted urban legend summarized at this link on  This “research” which does not exist has lasted in the published domain for more than 30 years (that predates the commercial Internet!).  Be careful when relying on information to run your life and your business.  Make sure the research is real!

FYI, here are the oft quoted “most convincing words”…you, money, save, new, results, health, easy, safety, love, discovery, proven and guarantee.

If you want descriptive terms, read:
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Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs – Top 10 List

August 14, 2012 Comments off

I am a big fan of keeping employees happy.  Keeping people focused, motivated and happy gives organizations the extra horsepower to grow, long term.  I recently wrote a post asking if your employees are part of the 70% that are unhappy according to the Gallup poll.  Now, we have results in a different way, perhaps not as scientific, as well if you study their methodology and know they are a job seeker website.

CareerBliss recently posted its list of the happiest and unhappiest jobs in America, 2012.  The Happy 10 and Unhappy 10 are as follows.  The results surprised me, as many revenue critical jobs made it to the bottom 10 list.  If so, you might consider asking your employees who have the job titles in the bottom 10, “are you happy?”  The motivation might not just involve money, but that will be the subject of another post.

Happiest Jobs – Top 10

  1. Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  2. Executive Chef
  3. Property Manager
  4. Teller
  5. Warehouse Manager
  6. Administrative Assistant
  7. Customer Service Representative
  8. Accountant
  9. Systems Engineer
  10. Construction Manager

Unhappiest Jobs – Top 10

  1. Security Officer
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Teacher
  4. Sales Engineer
  5. Product Manager
  6. Program Manager
  7. Marketing Manager
  8. Director of Sales
  9. Marketing Director
  10. Maintenance Supervisor
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Is Your Team Part of the 70%?

July 20, 2012 Comments off

Polls are everywhere, but one question, asked many different ways of employees, should challenge us as leaders to think differently.  On average, when asked if employees are excited about the work they do, 70% say no. The most recent was a Gallup Poll that said 71% of employees are not engaged in their job. That’s concerning, particularly in a recession.  Obviously, we need all the productivity we can get out of scarce resources, and that includes our team members.  Many business leaders have surmised that once things get better, they will have more passionate employees.  That is certainly one way to look at the situation, but I think passionate, engaged employees are a condition of company success, and not the other way around.  What do you think?

Four different levels of worker productivity. ...

Four different levels of worker productivity. Note that the population equals 248 and that the 64 workers produce 124 units of labor, instead of just 64. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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