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Online Presence – Can You Pass Through Your Own Filter?

May 30, 2012 Comments off
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Human behavior is interesting to watch.  Particularly when we evaluate other companies based on their online presence.  We look at their website, their blog (or lack thereof), their news feed (were the updates more than 6 months ago?), maybe their LinkedIn profile, Twitter or Facebook update and pass a sometimes harsh judgement.

At the very same time, many customers and potential customers are taking the same actions and making the same judgements on your own online presence.   The question is:  Are you current enough to pass your own standards?  What do you think your own stakeholders think about you?

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To Social Media…Or Not – Four Reasons to Think About It

September 6, 2011 Comments off
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I read a very interesting article last week stating the reality that the world is moving to Social Media – no surprise.  The interesting counter perspective is there is a big portion of the market NOT participating in this phenomenon in a way social marketers want them to. There continues to be a market that shockingly buys products and services the traditional way.

Once again, prognosticators are imagining ourselves in a future utopia that simply will not exist.  Remember the introduction of ATMs?  We would “eliminate” the teller.  Remember the Internet – “eliminate” bricks and mortar retail.  The simple fact is, we have a new distribution channel of information and buying habits.  Depending on who you are selling to, it could be a big part or a small part of your marketing and sales strategy.  You can’t ignore it, and you have to professionally manage it in concert with your communication, sales and marketing strategies.

We have witnessed great initiative by larger businesses and our innovator companies in small and medium sized businesses in Social Media.  We are still waiting to see the bulge of small and medium sized businesses establish a strategy and use it with discipline to keep or grow market share.

We are in a very dynamic marketplace, so you probably need to start with your own website.  When was the last time it was updated?

Here’s your four reasons to think about it:

  • When was the last time you bought something “traditionally”? Really, when did you buy something new or significant without using some sort of web media – which probably tied to Social Media?
  • Your mother “friends” you on facebook; and learns to “like” things
  • You are thinking about it – but haven’t done anything.  It’s fine to “think” but decide to do (see my first blog).
  • You have a consistent, well defined strategy, but most importantly, you are ready to get started.

So, how do you get started?  Start in a way that won’t hurt and can help you learn and get results, fast.  That will be the subject of next week!

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