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Three Steps to Know you are Pointed Toward a Successful Initiative

November 12, 2012 Comments off

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In the last post, I spoke about Passionate Certainty, how do you know your passion and direction align.  Further, how do you take steps to develop an initiative personally or professionally?  To select an initiative, it takes thought and planning to ensure you are pointing your team in the right direction.  There are many layers below these steps, but they are, by nature simple.

  1. Assess – review as much information as possible.  In the start-up world its called market validation.  Who’s in the business, why, is this idea/initiative solving a real problem that people are willing to pay money for?  Does this initiative align with your company’s vision/mission (or your own?).  If you moved forward, what would you consider to be a success metric(s)?
  2. Analyze – drill your assessment into measurable metrics.  It could be features/benefits of the product, customer or expert reviews, or other quantitative or qualitative measures. The important part is to go through the exercise.  Write it up and report it to your team or a reliable peer or expert.  See if it makes sense when you say it out loud and you truly have an initiative that creates value in the mind of your audience.
  3. Act – Go out into the market.  See other products/services in action.  Talk to experts, ask questions.  If you have a demonstration item to present, have them look at it.  If not see if you can assess what your initiative can do to improve productivity or profits.  Do it on a small scale, measure it and determine if you can scale it.

One you “act” make sure it is on a very small scale, measure your success and go back to #1 before you decide to scale the idea.  Did it achieve your objectives, profitably (in your personal world, did it satisfy you and align with your beliefs system?).  If so, we are ready to move to Diligent Pursuit.  If not, a failure at this level is a success. Few resources were spent, and either a pivot strategy was developed, or you agreed to abandon the initiative in pursuit of a more attractive opportunity.

In completing a business development strategy, following these steps ensured our message aligned with our customers.  We assessed the market and its perceptions, analyzed our target customers and acted through interviews to ensure we it our target.  It works with concepts like marketing and products that serve customer needs.

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Are You Ready to Execute on Your Plans?

January 10, 2012 Comments off
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Happy New Year!  In preparing myself for another year, I found the most appropriate quote from T.J. Rogers.  Are you concentrating on the “fundamentals” to make your business succeed?  How about your personal life?

“Most businesses don’t fail for lack of talent or strategic vision.  They fail for lack of execution – the routine blocking and tackling that great companies do well and always strive to do better.”

Are your management systems focused on the fundamentals?

May your 2012 be blessed in all ways.

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3 Steps to Accomplish Anything at Work or Home

October 3, 2011 Comments off
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Could it be that easy? In three easy steps, you and your colleagues can do anything.  This is the summary of Linette Farmer, over her 25 year experience with Hallmark and subsequently in practice as a consultant. In every successful situation, she assimilated what made them successful; and why they got accomplished on-time and more importantly on-target.

So, when you are about to embark on a task, check over these three items and make sure the team is ready to get done what needs to get done.

1. Form a group of two or more people (they can hold each other accountable)

2. Focus everyone on a goal, clearly stated (and repeatable by the entire team, make them “own” it)

3. Meet regularly, preferably weekly (read the accountability part in #1)

Clearly stated by Linette – Discipline Leads to Execution.

Try this strategy on your next project and let me know how its working out.

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