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Fix That E Mail Address – Before It’s Too Late

February 27, 2013 Comments off

atsignCredibility, consistency and striving for the correct first impressions.  Then, there’s the little detail about your e mail address.  In the land of godaddy instant websites and e mail combined the ability to link your gmail address to virtually any server; why aren’t we doing that?  Meaning to establish, as start-ups we have at least gone through the motions of creating a small web presence and a decent, credible address name.  Then again, there’s the best and worst, as presented by Fast Company – would you have your taxes done by someone with an e mail address taxplaya at hotmail dot com?  Enjoy.


3 Ways to Find Go To People – They Get it Started, Get it Done

December 30, 2011 Comments off

Do you have a team that’s “Go-To?”  I recently read an article in the Ivey Business Journal titled: “Go to People: What Every Organization Should Have.”  Jeffrey Gantz sums the situation up in an interview: “You know”, said the newly appointed CEO of a large company, “I have more than 1000 people in my head office organization; 900 can tell me something’s gone wrong, 90 can tell me what’s gone wrong, nine can tell me why it went wrong, and one can actually fix it!”

How true:  We as leaders continually strive to leverage ourselves, but in the process we become the over-leveraged “Go-To” because we hire too many people who tell us something’s gone wrong; rather than hiring those who also have the skills to fix it.  It’s a hard dilemma to solve in an interview with a prospective employee, but one I continually work to perfect.

Leverage title screen

Image via Wikipediaually work to perfect.

It’s time to leverage our go-to people or find the right ones.  Here’s what I work on.

1. Ask or Watch –  Carefully – Does the Person Take Initiative to Solve the Little Problems?

2. How – Watch or See Examples

3. Look for a Conclusion to the Work – Did they Finish What Was Started?  Successfully?  How?

Once you have them, make sure you motivate them appropriately and send the right kinds of appreciation.  Define what makes a winner, reward them and always find ways to keep them.

Happy New Year

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One Thing to Consider When Hiring Employees and Partners

December 12, 2011 Comments off

I am amazed by the plethora of tools and validation techniques we all use when hiring the next employee and/or partner.  There are great tools out there to find the right person with the right skill and length of experience – and they’re getting better.  Check out as an emerging player addressing the needs of employer and employee.

The one thing overlooked by nearly all of the skill boards and employer sites is one thing to consider when hiring or engaging a partner.

It is, to ask:

What do you give of yourself outside of your employment?

I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Roger Stabauch many years ago and the subject was building and succeeding with his own professional teams in business.  The question was asked, “how do you qualify great talent”.  The answer was full of wisdom:  First, it was his admission he even struggled identifying the best talent in his own companies admitting there is no secret formula. Second, he said to ask or find out what makes them passionate outside of their own individual lives?  The key is that if his prospect gives outside of themselves for others, they just might give outside of themselves for his company.

What’s your key to qualifying good talent?

On a lighter side:  Can’t compete with your neighbors house decorations?  Consider this innovative idea:

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