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One Reason You Shouldn’t Worry About Getting Venture Capital

August 11, 2015 Comments off

Dileep Rao posted an interesting article entitled: Why 99.95% Of Entrepreneurs Should Stop Wasting Time Seeking Venture Capital. It was posted in Forbes Entrepreneur Blog.


It is an interesting analysis stating that odds are likely you will grow your business without Venture Capital.  It simply reinforces the notion that working on your business to build and please customers might do you better than chasing the odds of gaining traction with a VC, at least in the early stages of your company.  Still, the VC community, as Rao contends, is a formidable PR machine and the populace (i.e. press) seems to look their direction for validation and guidance.  Is this the right place to look?  If it is not, where should entrepreneurs (and policy makers) seek a “gold standard” to pursue?


Venture Capital: A Transition in Progress?

April 19, 2013 Comments off

vctreeIs the VC risk profile changing?  That thought came to mind after reading commentary by Kent Bernhard Jr.’s article: “Venture capital gets a serious smackdown in the Harvard Business Review”.  Both articles are great reads.  Bernhard comments on an article in the HBR that makes the case that the VC world is shrinking due to, among other things, not providing an adequate return to its investors.  The article contemplates perhaps the industry is destined to failure – or a change of business models?

I agree with Bernhard in that VC’s will stay and continue to fund in a sweet spot that’s needed in the market.  I also think that the incredible growth in Angel Funding and the upcoming potential for crowd funding plays right into a stronger return of the VC industry.  How could it not?  Now, the VC industry can look across a horizon of companies that either make it or not in development and proving a product to the market.  Thus, I believe the VC market will move up a risk-class and place less risky bets on more proven technologies.  Look out Angels on your Series B, C, or D, rounds.  VC’s will be looking to secure a return for their investors and secure their traditional compensation models.  Until they can’t, but that’s a long time from now.

Even though, the disruption of the financial markets have been tough on all of us, I believe this transition has created opportunities never imagined before – and that’s a good thing for everyone.  Look for even more investing models to emerge in the coming months and years.  Nature abhors a vacuum!

3 Reasons to Write it Down Before Action

March 18, 2013 Comments off

pencilLast week was full of surprises.  Teams converged to address a very sticky, emotional and difficult issue.  No surprise, it also involved money, faulty decisions and blame all around. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Due to the complexity of the issues involved, I decided to try to create a factual summary of the past and what led up to the present situation. I presented the timeline to all parties to help us all recast the sequence of events. By trying to remove emotion and script only facts along a timeline, we realized, like a lot of difficult decisions, many people and situations conspired consciously or unconsciously to bring us to where we were.  Reducing the facts to a timeline and having everyone agree on what happened quickly allowed us to move forward with the present challenge.  So, write it down, use the facts and you can gain:

1. Clarity

2. Perspective and

3. Build a reasonable plan going forward

The exercise allowed me to also see there was error with “my team” and “their team” – and once we took responsibility, it opened the door to collectively take responsibility and work together on solving what got us there.  We focused on the problem, not the people.  Try it sometime.

Fix That E Mail Address – Before It’s Too Late

February 27, 2013 Comments off

atsignCredibility, consistency and striving for the correct first impressions.  Then, there’s the little detail about your e mail address.  In the land of godaddy instant websites and e mail combined the ability to link your gmail address to virtually any server; why aren’t we doing that?  Meaning to establish, as start-ups we have at least gone through the motions of creating a small web presence and a decent, credible address name.  Then again, there’s the best and worst, as presented by Fast Company – would you have your taxes done by someone with an e mail address taxplaya at hotmail dot com?  Enjoy.

3 Ways to Find Go To People – They Get it Started, Get it Done

December 30, 2011 Comments off

Do you have a team that’s “Go-To?”  I recently read an article in the Ivey Business Journal titled: “Go to People: What Every Organization Should Have.”  Jeffrey Gantz sums the situation up in an interview: “You know”, said the newly appointed CEO of a large company, “I have more than 1000 people in my head office organization; 900 can tell me something’s gone wrong, 90 can tell me what’s gone wrong, nine can tell me why it went wrong, and one can actually fix it!”

How true:  We as leaders continually strive to leverage ourselves, but in the process we become the over-leveraged “Go-To” because we hire too many people who tell us something’s gone wrong; rather than hiring those who also have the skills to fix it.  It’s a hard dilemma to solve in an interview with a prospective employee, but one I continually work to perfect.

Leverage title screen

Image via Wikipediaually work to perfect.

It’s time to leverage our go-to people or find the right ones.  Here’s what I work on.

1. Ask or Watch –  Carefully – Does the Person Take Initiative to Solve the Little Problems?

2. How – Watch or See Examples

3. Look for a Conclusion to the Work – Did they Finish What Was Started?  Successfully?  How?

Once you have them, make sure you motivate them appropriately and send the right kinds of appreciation.  Define what makes a winner, reward them and always find ways to keep them.

Happy New Year

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PIPELINE – What it Means to Me

August 28, 2011 Comments off

It doesn’t seem like work when you do something you love.  The PIPELINE program is that to me.  I’ve been around and associated with PIPELINE and their entrepreneurs since its start-up.  This Op Ed is appearing in local papers to support the commitment it received from its alumni and the Kauffman Foundation.  If you like that, look at my related link to tell if your child has the start-up DNA.

– Start of Op Ed –

Successful entrepreneurs never succeed only by themselves.  They succeed with a support network of friends, mentors, advisers and education.  They thrive in a supportive ecosystem.

The Kansas City area was touted in the Wall Street Journal on August 23, as one of the hottest spots in the country for starting a new business.  It states: “Here’s a look at seven up-and-coming innovative centers. All have solid partnerships between the public and private sectors, a growing work force to fuel the industry and long-term strategies for development. And entrepreneurs say being there is vital to their success.”

One such initiative fueling the Kansas City innovator ecosystem is the PIPELINE Entrepreneurial Immersion Program (  This program, competitively selects 10 entrepreneurs from the region to undergo a one-year intensive fellowship program.  This program exposes these entrepreneurs to a nationwide network of successful Venture Capital sources, accomplished Entrepreneurs and matches both local and national mentors to these start-ups.  Lawrence should be proud to know 3 of the 10 innovators in the current class are in the PIPELINE program.

This program is now in its fifth year and boasts a network of accomplished graduates who have been named in Inc 500, the fastest growing company in Kansas City, Entrepreneur of the Year in many different groups, to name of few of the many accolades received by these high growth innovators.

In addition, some of these companies have already been purchased by private equity groups, funded by angel capital, and tracked by national publications. With all of the attention of Google in our region, it is important to note that one of the PIPELINE ranks in the top 7 as a Google provider.  All substantial metrics that the program creates jobs, grows the economy and maintains a vital network of entrepreneurs that help and inspire one another to grow.

The program itself has garnered the interest and support of such venerable institutions like Microsoft, Silicon Valley Bank, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the National Association of State and Venture Funds, the Kauffman Foundation and many other accomplished regional and national players.

The region may not benefit from the critical mass of a Boston or Silicon Valley, but a program such as PIPELINE can provide the resources for our best and brightest to stay here while accessing the networks provided by the PIPELINE program, be it an alum, an engaged national expert, or a mentor.  That continuing networking and “smart” education of our top entrepreneurs will continue to garner recognition from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, among others.

I have been lucky enough to return home to Kansas and continue to pursue my own entrepreneurial career.  It has been an honor to be a part of the PIPELINE program as a lecturer, mentor and resource.  My connection with this network has inspired and improved my ability to grow Kansas business.  I think I can speak for all of our mentors that the reward far outweighs the time investment in this program.

Developed with the support of the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, it has now “privatized” itself as its own non-profit organization and has attracted the support and endorsement of the Kauffman Foundation by receiving an $800,000 challenge grant – which requires the private sector to match dollar for dollar.  This recently stimulated a commitment of over nearly $400,000 (half required for the match) from PIPELINE alumni and others in the community who understand the growing value of PIPELINE.

Now is the time to show our support for the PIPELINE program to invest in its growth and leverage the investment made by the founders of this organization; as well as the Kauffman Foundation.  It has proven itself a worthy program that accomplishes what all communities strive for:  Job growth in high technology, high paying enterprises.

Dennis Depenbusch is a Lawrence, Kansas resident, serial entrepreneur, PIPELINE mentor and advocate and received a Bachelor and Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Kansas

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