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Will Blogging and Social Networking Redirect our Moral Compass?

October 19, 2011 Comments off

Last week I sat in on a couple of presentation about corporate blogging and making a difference in the new realities of social media, search and all things Internet.  It was a great learning experience on what to do to make a difference in the minds of your readers.

Here is what is interesting:  In the world of blogging and social media, your objective is to help people without expecting anything in return.  Also, don’t promote yourself, be humble always, acknowledge others as helpful and just plain be grateful and communicate that to others.  Wow, let me reiterate – our media guides are now telling us:

  1. Give freely and openly without expectation of return.
  2. Be humble
  3. Say thank you
  4. Be grateful

These are the cornerstones of success….hmmm – not only are we missing the go-go ’90’s mentality, we just might be going back in time – history may indeed be repeating itself.  It just might be a good thing for all of us.  What era do you think it originated in?

Here’s a helpful link, if you need to be motivated to take the next step.

The Desire to Win

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3 Reasons I Surrendered to the “Blog”

August 24, 2011 Comments off

I surrender.  Welcome to Blogs R Me.  After coaxing – for many months – I was finally convinced.   So, I’m blogging for a purpose.  To provide relevant, entertaining content to grow you and your business.

Surrendering to anything that requires “more work” is always a stretch for me, particularly when it requires consistent effort. It’s finally made it to my weekly task list and I welcome your feedback.

So, why Blog?  Or more importantly, what signals should we use when making a decision and committing to it?  This could be for blogging, making a strategic next step, or taking on a challenging assignment:

Why Make a Decision to Take Action:

1. You hear it more than once and in multiple venues.

How often do you read the same advice, hear advice in conversation, or see it as “best practices”.  This alignment of various sources tells me I need to listen, evaluate and act.  It’s OK to wait, for me on blogging there was no timeline. Once I heard this advice enough times, it motivated action.

2. The action will not hurt.

Making this commitment will not hurt, actually it might just help me as we meander through growth ideas.  Asking this question encouraged me to make the effort.

3. You hear it more than once: “You’re good at this”

I write out of necessity.  I’ve apparently learned to do this fast, and well – I’ve been told. If I get encouragement to do something from numerous sources, I need to consider doing it. It’s not a talent unless you share it.  Think about that.

Growth is about making decisions and learning to make decisions better, and right for you, personally.

See you next week.  I’ll share my passion for the PIPELINE Entrepreneurial Program.

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