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Certainty in an Uncertain World

October 19, 2012

Trust (Photo credit: m-c)

In building my business case for Passionate Certainty, I ran across a 1 1/2 minute video of Daniel Burris on how do you create certainty in business and with your life.  It came down to relationships and trust.  Interesting.

My thesis on developing passionate certainty is understanding your passion and creating certainty around your future, both as a business, in business and in life.  But what is life without a relationship and what is a relationship without trust?

I believe long term relationships are built on trust and it works in business and in your personal life and those that build it, profit in the long-term.  Are you developing a trustworthy image to your market?

Here’s the video.

Speaking of trust, while we think about the long-term, think about Nike’s statement when dropping Lance Armstrong.

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