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The 12 “Most Convincing Words” – That Probably Aren’t

August 21, 2012
English: The logo is from the http://www.yale....

English: The logo is from the http://www.yale.edu/printer/identity/logos.html website.Yale University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was ready to publish my blog yesterday when I decided to find the actual source quoted by a writer who stated a Yale University study compiled the 12 most convincing words in the English language – and suggested they become a priority in my presentation vocabulary.  What I discovered was an oft quoted urban legend summarized at this link on signs.com.  This “research” which does not exist has lasted in the published domain for more than 30 years (that predates the commercial Internet!).  Be careful when relying on information to run your life and your business.  Make sure the research is real!

FYI, here are the oft quoted “most convincing words”…you, money, save, new, results, health, easy, safety, love, discovery, proven and guarantee.

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