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Is High Technology Necessary Everywhere?

August 11, 2012

Are we using good judgement on how we apply our technology?  It might make a difference in execution.  Instead of searching or using the latest high technology tool, perhaps we should simply make another sale, add another line to the spreadsheet, or keep our current CRM until we demand technology to MAKE us more efficient.

This lesson was reinforced to me this week when reading Michael Joyner’s Human Limits blog on Herb Elliott.  Briefly, in his words, here’s the story:

No world record for the 1500m has been set at the Olympics since 1960 when the great Australian Herb Elliot did it with a 3:35:6.  Elliott, who was from Perth, Western Australia, never lost a race as an adult and unlike many of his competitors he focused on what might be called naturalistic training vs. the intensive interval training that was popular at the time….Some would argue that Elliott was so talented the type of training he did probably did not matter as long as he did enough of something.  I would argue that the real message is that we might all benefit from his “no-tech” approach.   This is true not only in our exercise and training programs but for life in general.

So, before chasing the next tablet app, we might want to ask, will is truly make is faster at our own game?

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