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Is Your Team Part of the 70%?

July 20, 2012

Polls are everywhere, but one question, asked many different ways of employees, should challenge us as leaders to think differently.  On average, when asked if employees are excited about the work they do, 70% say no. The most recent was a Gallup Poll that said 71% of employees are not engaged in their job. That’s concerning, particularly in a recession.  Obviously, we need all the productivity we can get out of scarce resources, and that includes our team members.  Many business leaders have surmised that once things get better, they will have more passionate employees.  That is certainly one way to look at the situation, but I think passionate, engaged employees are a condition of company success, and not the other way around.  What do you think?

Four different levels of worker productivity. ...

Four different levels of worker productivity. Note that the population equals 248 and that the 64 workers produce 124 units of labor, instead of just 64. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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