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Doing What You Should Do, Not What You Can Do

July 2, 2012

We humans are amazing creatures, and also subject to repetitive habit.   Some of those habits are great, and some, well, aren’t really advancing you or your company.  Change is hard and doing what you are comfortable doing, every day, gives us at least a little sense of accomplishment.  And, as long as what your are comfortable doing, is what advances the company. Great.

Unfortunately, a lot of those activities aren’t advancing the company.  Analyze your day today, or better yet, have someone else observe your days activities.  List what you did and compare it to what you should be doing to keep customers, get more customers, advance your innovation.  It’s hard, but worthwhile work analyzing this and acting on the “should do’s” for doing the greater good for ourselves and our company.

Speaking of “shoulds” – Happy Independence Day!  Let’s not forget our leaders who took the chance to do what should be done to make our country great.

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