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Online Presence – Can You Pass Through Your Own Filter?

May 30, 2012
Доработка Оптического микроскопа (File:Optical...

Доработка Оптического микроскопа (File:Optical microscope nikon alphaphot.jpg) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human behavior is interesting to watch.  Particularly when we evaluate other companies based on their online presence.  We look at their website, their blog (or lack thereof), their news feed (were the updates more than 6 months ago?), maybe their LinkedIn profile, Twitter or Facebook update and pass a sometimes harsh judgement.

At the very same time, many customers and potential customers are taking the same actions and making the same judgements on your own online presence.   The question is:  Are you current enough to pass your own standards?  What do you think your own stakeholders think about you?

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