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Clearing the Decks For Clear Thinking

April 10, 2012
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Pause icon for http://games.wtanaka.com/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two items passed my way this week reminding me to press pause to create space for clear thinking, creative process and decision making.  The first was from Fast Company titled: Want To Be More Creative? Get Bored reminding me that “boredom” has become a rare commodity due to the tempting distractions we have in our lives – mostly created by technology.  The second is The Power of Pause coming out of the HBR Blog Network where, once again, the theme is to pause to make sure we take the time to determine what’s important before attempting to manage tasks.

It’s hard for impulsive entrepreneurs to press pause, create space and collect information to make a decision.  To use a sports analogy; even the best coaches call time-out when the other team gains momentum.

How and when do you press the pause button?

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