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Who or What Owns Your Mental Real Estate?

March 30, 2012

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Traveling through my day and week (and life, really), I have been taught to examine who or what is taking up my mental real estate?

Mental real estate is really understanding what is taking up your conscious thought time on a regular or not so regular basis.  Taking inventory of this will tell you whether you are truly focused on your personal Vision and your company’s Vision.  If there’s too much real estate being consumed by emotions, thoughts, history, competitors, etc., not in alignment if your direction, you simply aren’t positioned for productivity.

I once had a statistics professor who studied his behavior over one month by having an alarm go off every 33 minutes (I’ll explain the reason for that, later).  He cataloged his activity and thoughts to understand what was “really” consuming his day.

You may not be that proactive, but consider asking a partner, spouse, or colleague to call you out if your mental real estate is being consumed by activities counter to your goal.

Who owns your mental real estate?  It is our most valuable asset!

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