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Just How Much Information Do We Need?

March 19, 2012

I was recently pointed to an article on the blog site of the Harvard Business Review titled: Managing the Information Avalanche; and it is.  After just coming off a great Spring Break vacation with my family, I jumped voraciously into my inbox to discover all kinds of ancillary information that must be filtered by fact, fiction, or opinion.  Plus, I needed to decide whether to act or not on the information; and what priority I needed to give it.

One of the author‘s suggestions to control this information overload for managers is to focus on a few key indicators – in other words find leading indicators that call you to take action.  It’s not easy to decipher what is leading, and important, but once you do, you have simplified your decision making and filtered your information overload.  Perhaps we could use a little of that in our personal lives, too?

How do you manage your information?

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