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One Thing to Consider When Hiring Employees and Partners

December 12, 2011

I am amazed by the plethora of tools and validation techniques we all use when hiring the next employee and/or partner.  There are great tools out there to find the right person with the right skill and length of experience – and they’re getting better.  Check out skillsniper.com as an emerging player addressing the needs of employer and employee.

The one thing overlooked by nearly all of the skill boards and employer sites is one thing to consider when hiring or engaging a partner.

It is, to ask:

What do you give of yourself outside of your employment?

I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Roger Stabauch many years ago and the subject was building and succeeding with his own professional teams in business.  The question was asked, “how do you qualify great talent”.  The answer was full of wisdom:  First, it was his admission he even struggled identifying the best talent in his own companies admitting there is no secret formula. Second, he said to ask or find out what makes them passionate outside of their own individual lives?  The key is that if his prospect gives outside of themselves for others, they just might give outside of themselves for his company.

What’s your key to qualifying good talent?

On a lighter side:  Can’t compete with your neighbors house decorations?  Consider this innovative idea:

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