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3 Ideas to Spur Your Innovation Agenda for Next Year

November 30, 2011

InnovationWhat’s your innovation agenda, budget or time allowance?  We’re about to change calendar years and for most business leaders, we’re fine tuning our forecasts and budgets for next year.  It’s all so…Financial.  No matter how sophisticated your business is, you need to think about ensuring you have an innovation agenda – it makes a difference in your income as the following article from Europe points out: Highly Innovative Low-Tech Companies? This well researched piece states income even in low-tech companies is higher for companies who invest in innovation.  So, here’s three ideas to get you started:

1. Look over your budget/goals for next year, can you itemize/list those dedicated to innovation?

2. Can you identify who is accountable for advancing your innovations?

3. Is it measurable with time deadlines?

Here’s to innovating and succeding this year!

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