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Top 3 Reasons to Reply with a Phone Call

November 17, 2011

RE: RE: RE: RE: Or no reply at all?

Andrew Maynard recently wrote a parody on the e mail decision process. Called: Didn’t get a reply to your e mail?  This might be why:

We are all busy and buried with an amazing amount of media we choose to or not to manage on a daily basis and efficient time management might help us all out.  The CEO of Google was quoted on his preference to get off e mail and have an interactive conversation to put certain chains to an end.

Here’s 3 instances you might want to get on the phone:

1. There’s more than 5 RE:’s in the subject line

2. You catch yourself saying – I sent that e mail 3 days ago and they haven’t responded.  If it’s your “monkey”, it’s still on your back

3. The person puts the entire e mail conversation in the subject line – OK that’s a pet peeve of mine – but it gives me no room to respond and sometimes the Title gets truncated?

Outside of tongue and cheek or pet peeves, I normally get on the phone when it gets emotional in the content of the e mail.  You can do business on facts, but interpreting emotion in writing, correctly, on a compressed time schedule might lead the RE: Cycle the wrong way.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

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