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A Humorous Look at Infographics

September 18, 2011

It’s time out for a little humor and even though its comedy, it should make us think – like good comedy does about ourselves.

My good friend Howard Getson, who also writes an interesting blog for his company, Capitalogix found this graphic on infographics.  After laughing at the commonality of the theme, it also made me think of a few things as both a reader, but also a presenter.

As a reader, I am supposed to think critically about the subject matter being presented to me to evaluate its worth and impact on the world around me.  As a presenter, this graphic challenged me to evaluate whether my presentations represent me and my company’s core beliefs, or am I trying to fit my presentation into the graphics of the day.

How do you define and deliver your message and how do you read others?

Have a great week!

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