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Social Media – Just Get Started – But Stay Disciplined – 4 Easy Ideas

September 12, 2011

Time to get started!  It amazes me (and sometimes, I forget), how we don’t simply do the easy things and do them well, over and over.  So what should you do for Social Media?

1. Make sure your website is “fresh” – how many of us haven’t posted “recent news” on our own website?  AND how do you think about companies you review that haven’t?  If you’re directing folks to your company and your website hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, you might consider changing this, first.
2. Get on LinkedIn or get it “fresh” – Again, any updates on your company?  Are your employees “linked” to your page?  Are you even following your own company?  Make sure you update LinkedIn and your website in concert – and, of course, the big gorilla….

3. Facebook – Does your company have a page?  What does it look like?  How many updates are on it?  If you don’t have anything up, get something up and notify your “friends” – if you don’t have a Facebook page, ask your VP of Sales to notify his “friends” of the company.

4. Tweet – if you have to.  I consider this a later addition, once you get used to Facebook and LinkedIn.  Plus, you need to know if your audience “expects” it.

Just get it going.  Set a deadline and hit it with just some key tools.  You can’t learn unless you do…and doing on Social Media is correctable.  You can edit and delete in real time.  It’s easy to get started on these platforms and go.

Just go live!  Now, gather your team together and ask about your expected outcome.  What do you want out of social networking? What do you want your message to be?  Then find out who will manage your Social Networking and how they will deliver messages.

Don’t just trust it to someone who spends their life on social networks.  Your business site could end up with baby pictures, Christmas party pictures (might threaten your credibility) and other items. How will you continue to maintain your presence?  Whatever you do, now that you have it, don’t drop it!  Practice makes perfect.

The basics are done, congratulations!

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